First we need to know what is the role of water in human body

Did you know that your body weight is approximately 60 percent water? Your body uses water in all its cells, organs, and tissues to help regulate its temperature and maintain other bodily functions.

  • water improves oxygen delivery to the cells
  • water helps to keep the blood thin and free flowing
  • water helps to transport nutrients throughout the body
  • water enables our cells to be hydrated
  • water cushions our bones and joints
  • water acts as a shock absorber to our joints and organs
  • water helps us regulate our body temperature, if we are dehydrated we can become overheated or have heat stroke
  • water keeps our lymph free flowing so it can properly remove wastes and toxins.
  • water prevents our tissues from adhering and sticking together
  • water lubricates our joints, some of the most mature signs of dehydration is joint pain
  • water helps to improve the way our cells communicate
  • water is a conductor, so it helps the cells to talk to each other and communicate
  • water helps to maintain electrical properties of the cells
  • water empowers the body’s natural healing process

Many people asking What is Alkaline water ( अलकलीन पानी क्या है )  – Alkaline is water that’s less acidic than regular tap water. This means it is rich in alkalizing compounds, including calcium, silica, potassium, magnesium, and bicarbonate. It’s also known as Ionized Water.

The “alkaline” in alkaline water refers to its pH level. A pH level is a number that measures how acidic or alkaline a substance is on a scale of 0-14. For example, something with a pH of 1 would be very acidic, and something with a pH of 13 would be very alkaline.

When it comes to health, water is kind of a big deal. In fact, no other substance is as important for our bodies. So if you’re consistently drinking water, you’re already doing something great for your health.

But you may have heard that alkaline water — water that’s less acidic than tap water — is even better. Let’s investigate whether this is actually true if alkalized water is really better for health and fitness.WHAT IS ALKALINE WATER

Also, keep in mind that overall body alkalinity isn’t always a good thing. For example, if you have a kidney condition, or you’re taking a medication that alters kidney function, some of the minerals in alkaline water could start to accumulate in your body. In this case, high alkalinity might lead to negative side effects. WHAT IS ALKALINE WATER

Alkalized water has become all the rage–and it’s easy to understand why. Proponents say that alkalized water can boost your metabolism, reduce acid in your bloodstream, and help your body absorb nutrients more quickly, among other benefits.WHAT IS ALKALINE WATER

Kangen Water® is delicious water created from Enagic’s innovative water technology. Not only do these devices filter your tap water, but they also produce ionized alkaline and acidic waters through electrolysis. These waters can be used for various purposes, including drinking, cooking, beauty, and cleaning.